The one key ingredient to make your relationship thrive

I admit, the heading of this blog is pretty bold. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were a little skeptical, thinking… “as if there is just ONE ingredient that can change everything in my relationship.” But I stand by what I wrote and hopefully you will join me after reading this blog.  After years of […]

How managing your own stress will improve your relationship

In today’s fast-paced world stress is an inevitable part of life. Most of us have competing demands and responsibilities around work, family and home. Then there is environmental stress including noise, traffic and weather events, global stressors such as wars and natural disasters, and long term emotional stress such as unresolved trauma and emotional repression. […]

Why the small things matter most in relationships

While big moments like anniversaries and grand gestures may seem like the most significant moments in a relationship, it’s often the small interactions that make the biggest impact. If you find yourself craving the big moments in relationships or even asking your partner for more grand gestures then chances are it is actually the small […]

Importance of values in a relationship

Importance of values in a relationship Most of us have heard that knowing your values and living by them will help create a meaningful existence. And who doesn’t want a meaningful existence. But this is a blog about relationships, so what about values in a relationship? There is a common belief that successful relationships must […]

Understanding the Honeymoon phase and unlocking the benefits of a long-term relationship

The honeymoon phase in a relationship is a special time filled with vulnerability, excitement, and self expansion. However, not all relationships are able to sustain this phase and evolve into a long-term, fulfilling partnership. This blog explores the exclusive benefits of being in a long-term relationship and identifies 7 pitfalls that can prevent a healthy, lasting bond.

Why technology might be ruining your relationship and what you can do to save it

Technology is becoming an increasing problem in relationships, as many people prioritize tech-based activities over spending quality time with their partners. This leads to feelings of loneliness, rejection, and devaluation in the other partner. The constant stimulation of technology creates a dopamine cycle and can lead to addiction, which causes a disconnection from relationships and an inability to empathize with others. Simply cutting down on technology won’t solve the problem, as the addictive cycle is strong. Instead, taking a concurrent approach that addresses the underlying issue of seeking stimulation and gratification is a better solution. By investing in relationships, health, education, and other meaningful pursuits, individuals can break the cycle and improve their lives and relationships.

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