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My love your love relationship therapy app is structured around 5 key modules. We have chosen these key areas of focus as we believe they are essential for making a relationship not only work but grow and thrive, and are based on research and our clinical experience working with couples.
Feature 1

Love generating Challenges

Unearth delightful surprises tailored to your unique love languages. Infuse a little love into your everyday lives with these thoughtful gestures designed to nurture your connection and celebrate your love in special ways.
Feature 2

Relationship modules

This empowering feature presents a series of carefully crafted modules designed to strengthen the foundations of your relationship. From enhancing communication to deepening emotional intimacy, each link represents a key aspect of love and connection, guiding you and your partner towards a more harmonious and fulfilling partnership.

The Me in We

This foundational module stands as a poignant reminder that love isn’t about losing oneself in another but cherishing individuality while nurturing a bond that flourishes with mutual support, growth, and empathy. This module sets the stage for an enlightening path towards cultivating enduring and fulfilling love connections as a couple works together to embrace the beauty of their unique selves within the union.

Couples Base Camp

This module serves as a roadmap for couples to foster a nurturing and supportive environment, cultivating trust, open communication, and mutual respect. With relatable anecdotes and practical exercises, users embark on a journey of discovering effective strategies to deepen their emotional connection, resolve conflicts, and build a resilient partnership that withstands life’s challenges.

Feeling the story

In this module, we explore the transformative influence of emotional intelligence and empathy in cultivating profound connections with our partners. “Feeling the Story” becomes the gateway to unlocking heightened emotional intimacy and empowerment, enabling users to craft a love story rooted not just in words but also in the profound language of emotions.

Magic Moments

In this module, we celebrate the enchanting potential of crafting and cherishing magical moments with our partners. Get ready to embark on a journey that sparks delight and nurtures lasting memories, deepening your bond. Through practical suggestions, and inspiring exercises, uncover the art of infusing your love story with joy, spontaneity, and romance.

Conflict Compass

Explore the transformative potential of conflicts within relationships. Conflicts can be viewed as opportunities for growth and deeper understanding. Through practical strategies, and reflective exercises, you will discover effective tools for navigating disagreements, fostering healthy communication, and finding resolutions that strengthen your bond.

Deep Connections

Uncover the art of active listening, the beauty of vulnerability, and the significance of trust as you delve into the depths of communication and understanding. This module invites you to embrace the richness of genuine connections and awaken the true essence of love that resides within each and every one of us.

Baggage Claim

Immerse yourself in the complexities of emotional baggage and embark on a transformative journey of healing and letting go. Unpack and release burdens that may hinder your love life, cultivating self-awareness, forgiveness, and emotional liberation. This module prepares you to leave behind the weights of the past, embracing a love unencumbered by past wounds and opening up to the possibility of a liberating and fulfilling connection.

Sex and Desire

Explore the powerful realm of sex and desire within your relationship. This module delves into the depth of intimacy, igniting the sparks of passion, and nurturing a profound connection. Learn to celebrate your desires, communicate openly, and forge a sensual journey that deepens your bond, transforming your love story into an enchanting and fulfilling adventure.
Feature 3

Relationship health

Track your relationship’s progress and foster deeper communication with the “Relationship Health” feature on the My Love Your Love app. Keep your relationship authentic with a meaningful check-in to nurture a thriving and fulfilling partnership.

Feature 4

LoveGuard Alert System

Experience the reassurance of LoveGuard, an innovative feature on the My Love Your Love app. This intuitive alarm system acts as a caring guardian, instantly alerting you when your partner needs a moment to calm down or encounters any relationship emergency. With LoveGuard, you can proactively support your loved one during challenging times, fostering understanding and strengthening the bonds of trust and care in your relationship.

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