Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I use My Love Your Love on my own?

Unfortunately My Love Your Love doesn’t work for individuals. The whole concept of My Love Your Love is that BOTH partners commit to working on their relationship together. This will guarantee a more positive outcome.

Is there any relationship this app is not suitable for?

My Love Your Love is not suitable for couples where domestic violence is the primary issue. If you are experiencing domestic violence in your relationship then we suggest you seek assistance with a therapist or a domestic violence support service.

How do I know if this app would be suitable for my relationship?

This app is suitable for any couple who want to improve their relationship. Perhaps the zing in the relationship has faded, you want a guide for continued connection and growth or you just want to give your relationship a boost. The My Love Your Love app is also suitable for any couple that are struggling with their relationship, where conflict and/or communication is an issue, or where disconnection and dissatisfaction exists in the relationship.

Who is the My Love Your Love app for?

The My Love Your Love app is for couples who want to improve their relationship. If you are in a relationship you can use this app.

How does the My Love Your Love app work?

The My Love Your Love app is a fully interactive app to be used by two people in a relationship. The app syncs both partners together and leads them through a series of skills, challenges, lessons and activities as well as monitoring relationship satisfaction. The content of the app has been carefully curated to provide the most effective, fun and informative learning based on psychological research and clinical practice.

App Content and Functionality

I am stuck on a screen with no next button, why is this occurring and how do I fix this?

If this has occurred the fix is related to your Text Size or your View on your iPhone. Start by checking the view on your iPhone. You can do this by pressing Settings -> Display and Brightness -> View (Display Zoom)-> then select Standard-> press Done in top right. After this step you should try your app and see if this problem has resolved. If the problem has not resolved adjust your Text Size by going to Settings -> Display and Brightness -> Text Size. You should then adjust the bar back toward the centre. This should resolve the issue.

Can I reset the exercises?

Yes you can reset exercises and modules. The option to reset an exercise can come in handy if you stop an exercise halfway through or forget what you are up to. You can also reset a module which will be take you back to the beginning of that entire module. When one partner resets an exercise or module, the app will automatically reset the other partner’s exercise or module. To reset either a module or an exercise go to your Profile Page which you can get to by tapping the profile icon at the top right of the home screen. Then tap the Settings icon on the top left of the Profile Page. Here you will see a button that reads RESET EXERCISES. When you press this you will see the option to reset any current exercises and/or Modules.

I don't have any sound, what do I do?

My Love Your Love uses videos to explain the different skills, exercises and activities within the app, so you will definitely need sound. If you notice you don’t have sound, check that your phone is not switched to silent mode.

What are the qualifications of the creators of this app?

Both Helen and Shahn are fully qualified and registered Clinical Psychologists. They have a combined 30+ years of experience working in psychology with individuals and couples.

What is the Relationship Health graph based on?

The Relationship Health graph is based on your most recent Relationship Satisfaction Survey answers. You will be asked at random to complete the Relationship Satisfaction Survey. This is so you have an idea of how your relationship is tracking.

How often should we use the app?

The more you work on your relationship the better. Generally speaking, we recommend you spend 15-20 minutes a day most days of the week working through the activities in the app. Obviously, you can do more or less based on your need but investing in your relationship on a regular basis is key to getting real change and growth.

What is My Love Your Love based on?

My Love your Love is a comprehensive couples therapy program specifically created to be used as an app. The concepts, exercises and skills in My Love Your Love are based on the Creator’s clinical experience as couples therapists and informed by psychological research.

Registration and Account

Subscription and Billing

How do I cancel my subscription?

All transactions are processed through the App Store or Google Play for your peace of mind so you can cancel easily at any time with a few simple taps on your phone. For Apple users go to Settings, then tap on your Apple ID profile, then tap Subscriptions, select My Love Your Love then press cancel subscription. For Android users go to the Google Play store. Tap on your profile icon, tap on Payments and Subscriptions, tap on My Love Your Love and select cancel Subscription.

Does My Love Your Love offer refunds?

Generally speaking My Love Your Love does not offer refunds. However, you can cancel your subscription anytime. Any request for refunds needs to be done via Apple or Google Play. However, if you are having an issue with the app please send us an email at [email protected] or complete our contact form and we will see how we can help.

Are there any notice periods for cancellations?

No! You can cancel anytime and there are no notice periods to wait out. Please be aware that if you are within a pay cycle (either monthly or annually) and you decide to cancel then you will still have access to the app for the remainder of the pay cycle and will not be charged again. However, you will not be refunded for whatever is left in that pay cycle.

Do we both pay for the app?

Yes! At My Love Your Love we encourage both partners to take responsibility for their relationship, so we’ve split the cost of the app over two users.

How much does the My Love Your Love cost?

When you sign up you will be given a 7-day free trial in which time you can start the app. You can cancel at any time within the 7 days and will not be charged. After the 7-day free trial you will be charged on either a monthly or annual subscription. The monthly cost is $8.99. The annual cost is $89.99. We’ve made this to be much more affordable than traditional couples therapy.

How do I pay?

Once you have downloaded the app you will be prompted to select an option for payment: monthly or annually. You will then be given a 7-day free trial which you can cancel within and not be charged. Your first payment will occur at the completion of the 7 day free trial. All payments are made through the App Store or Google Play for your peace of mind.

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The videos and exercises are really informative and a helpful way to learn how to communicate better.

Tash and Phillip

This app has been great for our relationships. We love the deep connections and let’s talk about sex questions. It just makes the whole conversation that much easier.

Jes & SJ

The My Love Your Love App is fun. I really love the love generating challenges. It is just a nice gentle reminder to be fun and playful.

Yaz & Phil