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Relationships are hard, but they don’t have to be. MyLoveYourLove is a self-service relationship enhancing app, utilising 30 years of experience and research, to offer a unique approach to transforming and maintaining healthy relationships.

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MyLoveYourLove is a comprehensive couples therapy program transformed into a fully interactive and synchronised app for you and your partner.

High-Quality Content

The My Love Your Love app distills years of research and clinical experience to enhance your emotional connection, develop insight into conflict patterns, coaches interactive strategies for healthy communication and build bonds and couples growth to help your relationship thrive.

Fun & Effective

The app will bring fun and spontaneity back into your relationship through playful challenges and joint couple goals. It is also highly effective during harder times as you can choose specific tools in real time so that you and your partner are coached through difficult scenarios.

Progress Tracking

Through a series of regular surveys you will be able to track your relationship satisfaction over time. Enjoy watching your relationship satisfaction trend up over time or notice the kinks in your relationship graph as a sign that you need to refocus on your relationship.

Interactive and Intuitive

The My Love Your Love app is a partner journey. The app synchronises partners and the exercises are linked to ensure progress and growth between the couple. It has an easy-to-use interface which expands and unlocks more features as you work through the modules.

As Married Clinical Psychologists And Couples Therapists, We've Created An Unparalleled App Guaranteed To Improve Relationships Worldwide.

Our app, My Love Your Love, is crafted from our 25+ years of combined professional practice in couples therapy. We understand that good relationships require effort, self-reflection, and resilience. Having navigated challenges in our own marriage, from blending a family to co-running a psychology practice, we’ve applied these experiences and evidence-based psychological strategies into our app. It’s designed to strengthen relationships by fostering connection, empathy, and effective conflict resolution, while maintaining passion and understanding. Our mission is to empower couples to thrive together, enhancing individual and shared quality of life. Join us on your journey with My Love Your Love to transform your relationship and life.

Shahn & Helen

Backed By 25+ Years of Couples Counselling Expertise

With a combined 25+ years of expertise in clinical psychology and a shared journey in love, Helen Robertson and Shahn Sorekli bring a wealth of knowledge and personal insight to the realm of relationship enhancement. Their collaborative journey culminated in the creation of their insightful book, ‘The 8 Love Links.’ This book delves into the complex pathways of love, providing invaluable insights and practical advice for nurturing and strengthening relationships. ‘The 8 Love Links’ serves as the foundational inspiration for the ‘My Love Your Love’ app, integrating their deep understanding of relationship dynamics into practical, accessible strategies and tools within the app.

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Understanding the 8 Love Links

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A one year’s subscription to My Love Your Love for BOTH partners is much less than ONE session of traditional couples therapy!
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