What's In The App

My love your love relationship therapy app is structured around 5 key modules. We have chosen these key areas of focus as we believe they are essential for making a relationship not only work but grow and thrive, and are based on research and our clinical experience working with couples.

You and your partner will work through these 5 modules together in order. A brief description of these key modules are summarised below. Each module has different exercises and games for you and your partner to participate in. In addition to the content in the 5 key modules, the app has a number of other interactive features to help you and your partner enhance your communication, navigate conflict in the moment, and engage in fun and connection-building activities.

The my love your love relationship therapy app tracks you and your partner’s progress so you can always see your relationship satisfaction status.

Feeling the Story

In the Feeling the Story module you will be learning a crucial skill that will form a solid base for all communication with your partner in your relationship. Feeling the Story is the first step to increasing your emotional intelligence and connection with others more generally.

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Conflict Compass

The Conflict Compass module is all about understanding and addressing conflict. We work with you to show the impact conflict has on your relationship and help you to undo your conflict patterns and learn more effective communication and repair strategies.

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Deep Connections

The Deep Connections module is focused on exploring and building deep emotional connections between you and your partner. Here you will be diving into some creative exercises to get you and your partner to intimately understand one another, as well as working on shared values, goals and ultimately being able to sit with fundamental differences between you.

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Baggage Claim

In the Baggage Claim module you and your partner will explore what vulnerabilities, hurts and stories that each of you bring to your relationship. Here we go deep to unlock your subconscious processing to bring you closer together and work to eliminate unhelpful patterns in your relationship.

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Sex and Desire

The Sex and Desire module focuses on taking the awkwardness and shame out of sex in your relationship. This module emphasises the importance of mutual consent and pleasure and provides you with a number of activities and games to understand each other’s sexual interests, increase your capacity to move into the sexual moment and ultimately to fan the flames of desire.

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