The do’s and don’ts of travelling with your partner and another couple

Travelling as a couple with another couple offers plenty of exciting opportunities for fun and adventure. Having other people on your vacation can spice things up a little, add interest and diversity to your conversations, provide you with new ideas of what to see and do while travelling and also give you some needed space […]

Why the small things matter most in relationships

While big moments like anniversaries and grand gestures may seem like the most significant moments in a relationship, it’s often the small interactions that make the biggest impact. If you find yourself craving the big moments in relationships or even asking your partner for more grand gestures then chances are it is actually the small […]

Importance of values in a relationship

Importance of values in a relationship Most of us have heard that knowing your values and living by them will help create a meaningful existence. And who doesn’t want a meaningful existence. But this is a blog about relationships, so what about values in a relationship? There is a common belief that successful relationships must […]

Can travelling with your partner save your relationship?

Can travelling with your partner save your relationship? Generally speaking, when you have more time with your partner, with less stress and more adventure you tend to feel more excited and connected. The best indicator for a long lasting relationship and for that matter, regular sex in a relationship, is positive connection. Holidays are a […]

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